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2-4 Life Project is a volunteer managed organization with a fluid and adaptable approach to enhancing the lives of vulnerable children and animals in Uganda.  Our United States and Uganda based volunteers collaborate guided by our core values and a shared benevolent spirit.   We serve the children in Uganda by offering relevant and value added support based on their most critical needs - education and medical care.

We serve animals by doing our part to minimize the number of dogs and cats born on the street through community spay/neuter/vaccination clinics.


 As our partner, YOU will empower children through education, giving them the tools they need for a stronger future away from poverty.   

As our partner, YOU will remove obstacles that prevent a parent from seeking medical care for their seriously ill child.   

As our partner, YOU will prevent senseless culling of street animals, and educate communities on humane treatment.    


Journey with us and YOU will be inspired, YOU will receive immeasurable reward, YOU will enrich many lives, and you will witness YOUR IMPACT. 


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