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Sponsoring Clinics and Providing Much Needed Medical Supplies

With surgical and medical supplies provided by 2-4 Life Project, The Uganda animal shelter (USPCA), veterinarians, and local volunteers provide free animal clinics to communities that struggle with overpopulation of street/stray dogs and cats. These clinics offer spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccinations, de-worming, treatment for skin conditions, and other necessary medical care. Without these clinics, the animals will continue to reproduce, adding serious problems in already overpopulated areas.

As the team works to combat the city's answer to the overpopulation issue - culling through the poisoning of street animals - volunteers educate residents about living harmoniously with street animals. 

IMG-20180711-WA0014 - Copy.jpg
IMG-20180711-WA0015 - Copy.jpg
Four females transported to the shelter.
IMG-20180718-WA0001 - Copy.jpg

A tattoo is added after surgery

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