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St. Steven Primary School -

"For Greater Horizons" - the school motto and impetus for its beginning! Established to answer the educational needs of children in the village of Akashenshero, the school opened in 2012 as a nursery and daycare and quickly expanded to include primary grades 1-7, providing access to education within its own community. Prior to opening, most children in this village did not attend school for multiple reasons, so St. Steven provides more than academics for its students. In 2017, we developed an on-going tuition sponsorship program connecting students to the world beyond their village. Our efforts continue as we support the school through donation of textbooks, teaching supplies, and plan for future growth in order to provide access to education for multiple generations. 

St. Paul Primary School - Opened Feb 2018

What does the future hold for children who do not attend school - until recently over 100 children in the village of Ruragara were not attending school. Of their parents, only one had received any level of formal education. The cycle was continuing as generations of families were going without education in this small fishing village. 

A partnership between 2-4 Life Project, Obolo Germany, and Mihingo Conservation Foundation (MCF) has paved the way for St. Paul Primary, now successfully breaking the cycle!

Due to extreme poverty, the families simply cannot afford tuition which would normally pay for the needs of the school. 2-4 Life Project, Obolo Germany, and MCF fund the teachers' salaries. 

Currently the school offers three levels of kindergarten, and Primary 1 - 4. As the children progress, we hope to add levels 5-7.

2-4 Life Project is committed to providing textbooks, teaching materials, and uniforms annually. Future plans also include a 2-4 Life Project sponsored Adult Education Program for the parents!

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