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Volunteering in Uganda is exciting and immeasurably rewarding. Meet our team who care for and respect each child and animal served by 2-4 Life Project

At 2-4 Life Project we greatly value our volunteers and their commitment to making an impact in the lives of the children and animals we support. Not every volunteer has the ability to travel to Uganda on our annual voyage, but they do not let that stop them from giving of themselves through fundraising, donating supplies, providing administrative support, and spreading the word about our work through social media. 


I am an allied health professionals(Orthopedic Officer) currently practicing in both public and private healthcare institutions in my country Uganda, where access to quality education and healthcare is difficult for the common man and hardly possible for the underprivileged and poor people . It's therefore an honor of my life to be part of  2-4 Life Project that effectively bridges these gaps for the children in Uganda.

Having lived and worked throughout Africa I have personally witnessed the hardships of children and animals, and the horrible conditions in which they both have to live and survive. I volunteer my time and effort to this organization because I have seen the positive results the founder and other volunteers make to the betterment of homeless and abandoned children and domestic animals. Every dollar and item donated goes directly to supporting the projects. All of us at 2-4 Life Project commit our time and efforts to the beneficiaries, while paying our own travel expenses in order to make the largest impact possible. The selfless commitment of both volunteers and the organization as a whole, is what drives me to be a proud member of the team and continue to confidently contribute to increasing the quality of life for those in need with my time, effort and heart.


For the time I have volunteered with 2-4 Life Project, I have gotten this sense of fulfillment that in one way or the other, I have touched someone’s life in a special way. There is a lot of suffering in the world and there is no greater joy I experience when I ease someone’s pain and suffering.

I strongly believe that each of us can in their small way contribute to change in their local communities if only we stopped being selfish. Volunteering is not about having too much money to give, one can volunteer their time and skill and one can be amazed at the difference this makes in people’s lives and communities.

Volunteering is one way to make a difference and will always remain one way to exercise your rights, responsibilities, and power.


I volunteer with 2-4 Life Project because I believe in their cause and the true impact they make in the lives of children and animals. Children and animals have always been dear to my heart, 2-4 Life Project is committed to providing practical and impactful assistance. I have had a desire to travel to Africa and to make a difference. Through my volunteer committment with 2-4 Life Project, I have been able to do both and experience the positive outcomes of the work 2-4 Life Project does for children and animals in Uganda. 

I have had the privilege and honor to spend considerable time in lesser-developed countries around the world. I have seen extreme poverty up close, and while my heart may be breaking inside, I have seen the joy and hope that these very poor families somehow maintain and exude. I have also seen the abuse and mistreatment of animals in these countries, and the massive overpopulation of dogs and cats that occurs when there is no active spay/neuter program. One reason I support 2-4 Life Project is that we are diligent in learning as much as possible about Uganda and design our activities to complement and highlight Ugandan culture and practices. We view all our beneficiaries as our partners, and I am honored and proud to serve, rather than just help, every one of them. Moreover, with an underlying focus on education, we are able to make a difference one day at a time, one Ugandan at a time.

I volunteer with 2-4 Life Project because I have always felt a need to be helpful.  I believe that if one is in a position to make a positive difference in this world, they should act.  When lots of people make small gestures, it can add up to a big difference.

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