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GET INVOLVED - Seeking passionate and dedicated individuals who strive to bring good into the world.

We all have a gift, a special talent, or feel a connection to a project.  Join our team - no experience necessary to bring more to the children and animals of Uganda. 

Where do you want to start?


*Give a recurring monthly gift to be utilized toward all our projects


*Funds to offer medical care to children in remote, rural villages - any amount has impact!

*Tuition fees for a child in a remote village to attend school $240 a year


*Funds to build a new Animal Shelter 


*Funds for purchasing medical supplies and rabies vaccinations for rescued street dogs/cats Project Animal Care




*Join our crew of volunteers who donate a few hours of their time each month to raise funds for the project of their choice

*Start a Facebook fundraising campaign - so easy!

*Run a Crowdfunding campaign

*Coordinate a fundraising event, bake sale, or create other fundraising opportunities - we are open to ideas and will provide you with photos and information about our projects 


You set your own goal and volunteer at your own pace  


We are a 501(c)(3) charity so donations to 2-4 Life Project are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law



*Add a link to our site on your Facebook page


*Like our Facebook page to follow our journey


*Tell all your friends by sharing our posts on your page

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