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Kampala Crew

Sarah, Frank, Andrew, and Benjamin have been a part of our 2-4 Life Project family since our beginning - they were a huge part of our decision to develop the organization. When we met the children they had very little chance of a happy and healthy future. Living alone in a hut without electricity or running water, drinking bacteria infested water from a creek, unable to speak English, not attending school, only the clothing on their backs.

With the development of the Kampala Crew Sponsorship Team, the children have been offered a gateway to advance their quality of life through education, medical care, a safe place to live, and the love and support of all those who donate for their care. The sponsors have experienced the incredible transformation that education and kindness can make in a vulnerable child's life.

Now imagine how you can change it........

Imagine their life before.....

100% of the cost to educate and care for the children is covered by donations from our dedicated Kampala Crew sponsors.  If you are interested in joining our family, please contact us via our contact form. 

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